Washer or Dryer Repair: What do you need to do before technician shows up?

Washer / Dryer Repair Tech Shows Up

Washer, washing machine it doesn’t matter how you name it the purpose of this device to tumble clothes with cold, hot, warm water and chemicals named as a laundry detergent. If years ago the most important was a tumbling, beating mechanism of top loading washing machines in the water to extract all kind of dirt, nowadays the main cleaning component is a detergent. We have top and front loading washing machines in a market and price vary from $450- $3900.
These days to repair your washer is making more sense than buying a new one. A new washer tends to break every 7-15 months. If you keep buying new washer it will be more expensive then just repair a couple of times you own unit and keep using it as it has become part of your family. If older models never had problems with wires breaking in the middle, just real components would burn or wear, newer units now have gadgets with low voltage components and wires became tinier and longer, running across the whole unit. So most of the problems now with new washers are the wiring problems after the software issues. It takes more time to perform a good and thorough diagnostic if it comes to a wiring issue. Take it into consideration when you looking for a service company and not willing to pay a real market price for a good diagnostics. We are getting a lot of calls when a customer doesn’t want to pay a service fee or willing to pay a little amount like $ 30-60. There is a big chance when this company shows up for a service they would not have much resources and time, if it is not a straightforward issue, to spend on allocating a problem. Especially this is true with front loader and stuck models where is a lot of vibration occurs during a cycle 

of the washer or washer and dryer altogether. A very important role plays the accessibility of the unit. Do not wait until the technician will show up and tell you that you need to remove some shelves or other things out to gain an access. Remember tech is coming to work on the machine, not to jump around and think how to gain an access to the washer or dryer. There is no 

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magic in this world and help us be more efficient and pleasant will be our meeting and better will be the outcome. Recently we had a customer, she called and explained the situ

ation that two companies went out to service her LG washer and one company did not want to proceed with the repair because of lack of access and she called another company still thinking about a miracle. The other company went out and diagnosed with a drum support issue, quoted customer for $1,200 sure enough customer did not want to pay th

at much money and called us, but still did not realize that there was not enough clear space to do the diagnostic. Our tech came out and completely wasted a time there because he could not access the back period. This time tech took a time to explain why we need to tear down a nice shelf above the washer and dryer that has been built after the fact of the 

installation of the laundry units. We came back after customer removed shelves and it took 35 min and only $420 to repair unit versa first company refused to service it and second company asked $1, 200 – misdiagnosed. Two factors. When there is no service call or low price service – tech has no time and ability to perform well. The company has no extra money to train staff and loses track of it.

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