LG Refrigerator (icemaker) Repair in Hollywood FL

It happened about 2 weeks ago. We have received a phone call from Jane and she was in a panic mode explaining to our dispatcher that her refrigerator unit stoped making ice and she and her husband attending for a big halloween 👻 party at their house with about 20-25 people in a couple of days so she was desperate on fixing ice making issue. This story happen to begin in Hollywood Florida off Stirling Rd. Our tech came out the same day as Jane called around 10am and we had a chance to accommodate her. Upon arrival owners of the house were very excited and offered coffee or water, or soda. Our feeling was a very positive cause usually if customers are positive and generous work most of the time goes very smoothly. It was the case this time too. We diagnosed that her ice making unit on Samsung refrigerator would not go through the cycle and we had to order new ice maker. Supplier offered us a next day delivery to speed up a process of repair and nice Jane and her husband Ronald accepted it . We collected a payment and ordered ice machine unit. Next day in the afternoon we came back to our lovely Samsung refrigerator french door and replaced faulty piece. We can not forget happy faces of our extremely excited 😊 customers. We were very pleased with their attitude being a good and calm customers. They were so warm and helpful to the process and our tech that we took extra mile to keep them happy and to resolve ice making issue ASAP. We both end up this day benefiting from our collaboration. Thank you Jane and Ronald we always happy to have customers like you -positive and very efficient with the decision making helping a process rolling smooth and fast! Their party was going through with a lot of ice made by new Samsung ice maker installed by Dave from 1A Appliance Service local South Florida company.
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