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KitchenAid oven and stove repair in Miami (Collins Ave.)

pic kitchenaid oven double repair miami broward palm beachNovember – December it is a time when everyone excited of the holiday season. Cooking a lot of delicious plates and having families and friends together. At this period of time, we are getting a big volume of service requests in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties to fix oven, stove, cooktop, slide in range. With new technologies these days it is getting very complicated not only diagnose the issue but also even to get an access to the certain component. That is why it is always a good thing to call a professional, but how to chose the right one? There are a lot of service companies around and price varies drastically. In every case there is a common sense so in a case with the appliance service company it works this way: Florida is one of the States where to service hi-rise building you must have an insurance. Well trained technician to fulfill task right from the first time (sure enough there are some exceptions and mistakes in every field, but with trained and knowledgeable personnel it is not as much as with people who are from the street and untrained). In many buildings in Miami and surroundings parking is not cheap at all. Just a few days ago we went to service double oven in Miami area where we had to bump up a price on the service call because parking for 2 visits was $64. You need to take in consideration that the brand and accessibility to service your appliance will contribute in end price too. Some cheap companies cannot even complete their work and disappear because they undercharge and cannot keep up, so customer call our company or another to complete work and we see surprising faces when they hear the real cost of repair. At this particular case, we were the second company to come and inspect KitchenAid double oven on a 32nd floor in one of the buildings on Collins Avenue. The first company was there and charge a customer $65 service call and diagnosed with a faulty part with a total of $890. Repair last for 3 days and the company never came back. We showed up and found multiple parts failure and a quote was over $1500 as we needed to pull the unit out of the wall. Few parts needed to be replaced and maintenance done on this double unit. It took like 2 hours to explain why and how we will guaranty the job and not disappear. It took some time for the customer to decide and at the end, we ‘ve got a nice review from our customer. The oven was fixed and gained another good customer. Quality costs money. We always take conscience customers on board even if they have had a bad experience with another “inexpensive” companies in a market.

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