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High-End Luxury Appliance repair and maintenance in South Florida.

Hi-End Appliances Repair

It is a known fact life in Miami, Fort-Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach along the ocean considered as a luxury and appliances in most of the apartments, townhouses and houses are Hi-End Appliances such as Miele, Sub-Zero, Viking, GE Monogram, Thermador, Dacor, DCS and some other luxury brands which are less popular here in South Florida. Hi-End Appliances last longer and has a better look 👀 and most of them incorporated into the design of the kitchen that makes it look amazing. Unfortunately nothing is last forever and everything brakes down sooner or later. Some of the causes are lack of maintenance, misuse or abuse along with natural wear and tear mechanisms being involved in any appliance. It is very important to understand that spending amount from $4,000 to $53,000 which is the most expensive appliance we have seen so far in the customer’s premises, you need to keep in mind yearly maintenance and proper care on the appliance to extend its lives. Service companies in order to keep up with new trends and flows need to be trained and spend an enormous amount of time and resources to upgrade their technicians to the acceptable level. Insurances, training, wages, training all add up into the service fee cost. If you need your Hi-End Appliance to be fixed by a real professional you can not expect that the company will send someone for $30, $40, $ 50. Normally it is around from $150-$250 for a well and thorough diagnostic with professionals where you can expect a good result. One of our customers decided to go with the cheaper service fee company and got trapped in the end. Company asked only $69.00 for a service call and end up charging $900 for a replacement of the compressor. The customer agreed and the job was complete. But unit still was not working. Misdiagnosis. There was more than one component failed in the unit, but the cheap company never complete their work because there is no way you can charge so little to replace a compressor on $19,000 unit where the original part cost $790 plus shipping and tax. We were called up to complete this call it took us more labor to redo previous company mistakes, brazing was not done correctly and there was a system clogged, so if the customer would call us first they would end up paying around $4,200 total, but they end up pooling out from the pocket $7,700, because they wanted to save on service call fee initially. Sometimes people are lucky with saving money but most of the time they are not. The only situation when you most of the time can save if you have regular, older appliance like Whirlpool, Kenmore, Sears, Frigidaire where the price varies depends on the appliance, if it is Dishwasher for $300 so obviously there is no reason to pay $200 diagnostic fee, but $30-40 service fee, guess what kind of a service provider you are going to get? The best case scenario is with outdated knowledge and worst is never trained fellow from MacDuck or Even from the street. His training facility is the appliance in your house.

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