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Cooktops Repair

A cooktop is an important part of any kitchen. Otherwise, how you will create your culinary masterpiece? Imagine: you found a new awesome recipe and ready to amaze your family with a new taste. You put on an apron. Took a frypan. And you try to turn on a fire on a cooktop…. BUT.. it doesn’t work. Bad feeling, is it? That why we are here! We can improve and fix any brand cooktop and range in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach. We are insured, licensed, trained (electrical and gas).

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Ranges Repair

What main feature of a range? What is completely different from the cooktop by the bare eye? That’s right! It is cooktop and stove together. Yeah! You can boil, fry and bake in the same thing. We bet your family loves your cakes! And they swallow their tongues while eating your roast beef cooked in an oven. But, unfortunately, it brokes sometimes too. And, for sure, we can fix it! Call us for any brand range repair in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach. We glad to help you.
We give you 30 days warranty for our work.

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